The oblivious kids




Each person you're a one of a kind
Limited only by the depth of your mind
Slaves to income and slaves to time
Live for ego or live to find
Yourself.. and live for the moment
Live to give or conquer like the Romans
Give to love or for ulterior motive
Give too much and they take like you owe them
My life, my life's running away
Wait for weekends or live for the day
Spent with good friends wasted on pay
Wasted but not too wasted to say
I miss you, can we link up
I miss your talks, I miss your touch
Drunk texting just text up to f*ck
But your out of reach and I'm out of luck
and it's all relevant and irrelevant
Question hows your day with no concern for the hell of it
Live like fools like Kings with cash
Chasing status and chasing ass

Eyes closed can't see foot on the gas
The oblivious. The oblivious kids

He's hungry that ego
Wants attention from more people
Work to get it work for evil
Never sees himself as equal
Got you like the (bang bang) of a gun
Shot him down with a pretty bullet
Used to go out bang bang for fun
There's more to life than just a pretty woman
Ok. Choices regrets and triumphs
Forget that I am part of the cog
Spinning- making money for this messed up system
Why did they brainwash us into finding real jobs
We want the answers
Run and get them from your masters
The oppression the disaster
world control ain't hard to grasp after all
Stock Market falls and the world collapses
Run by the elite to control the masses
Trading our time live to pretend
But that won't save us in the end
Coz we're all oblivious
And its all so hideous
beauties found where the living is
But the ain't really living it


from VUJA DE' - THE LOFI TAPE, released November 1, 2016
Written by Kenzie From Welly
Produced by Ayramz


all rights reserved



KENZIE FROM WELLY Wellington, New Zealand

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